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Universal Glows LED Face Mask™ LED MASK

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Universal Glows LED Face Mask™
Universal Glows LED Face Mask™ Universal Glows LED Face Mask™ Universal Glows LED Face Mask™ Universal Glows LED Face Mask™
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 Glowing Skin In Just 10 Minutes 

The Universal Glows LED light therapy face mask is a clinical grade mask. Designed with 3 powerful LED lights, this perfect combination provides a triple tier effect for your face. Designed to offer an easy and safe solution for perfect skin - our medical grade LED Mask harnesses three therapeutic lights for a clearer complexion in just 10 minutes a day. With blue light wavelength 460-470nm effectively reduces and  eliminates bacteria, yellow light wavelength 580-590nm to detoxify your face via the promotion of oxygen to cells and red light wavelength 620-630nm is red to promote collagen and blood circulation to help revitalise and prevent wrinkle formation. Universal Glows is confident with providing at home salon treatments with our pro-level LED light therapy all from home, hence why we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. So sit back and relax and pick your perfect light to get ready to glow. 


How To Use  

1. Wash your face and ensure no makeup is visible

2. Plug in USB cord to switch the Universal Glows LED mask on

3. Switch LED Light Mode by selecting the left touch sensor

4. Watch your face glow!

    BLUE LIGHT (460-470NM)

    Blue light wavelength targets and eliminates bacteria caused by acne. It also affects the oil glands beneath your skin. By effectively restoring the combat appearance of acne, it helps restore your natural skin complexion by promoting anti-inflammatory properties. 

    RED LIGHT (620-630NM)


    The red light wavelength is used to help promote the production of collagen via blood circulation- which is our basic skin protein that help revitalise your skin by preventing and reducing wrinkle formation. The best part of this is it slows the signs of ageing. 

    YELLOW LIGHT (580-590NM)

    The yellow wavelength is all about detoxification via the promotion of oxygen to cells, improving microcirculation, improving the cells ability to remove toxins. The beauty of this feature is the removal of toxins in your skin reduces pigmentation, sun damage and improves skin tone, resulting in a brighter and glowing complexion. 

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    Lisa A.
    Australia Australia
    Best birthday present

    My hubby bought me this for my birthday and I am so glad he did; my skin care has improved so much ever since I began using this mask. I have now purchased the microdermabrasion kit as well to test it out. Thankyou

    Michael A.
    Australia Australia
    No more acne

    This does detoxify and help to fight acne bacteria as it says! my face is glowing and its been 3 weeks only. Wow

    Melanie K.
    Australia Australia
    loving mine

    Came in 2 days, absolutely love this! what a powerful LED face mask. Would definitely recommend

    Australia Australia
    Killed the bacteria!

    This led mask is amazing. It’s only week 3 now and I have noticed all my acne bacteria has disappeared dramatically. Totally worth it and the savings from the beauty clinics.