Benefits of a Home Hydrafacial


Easy and Convenient Home Hydrafacial

Whether you have limited time or budget or transportation is an issue, you can now easily take care of your skin at home with our hydrafacial kit. Our hand-held tool has the most recent and advanced technology, including a built-in LED light so you can experience the results of gentle microdermabrasion at your convenience. With our superior quality assurance, you will start to see results from the first use.


What You Can Expect from Universal Glows Regarding a Hydrafacial Home kit

You can expect excellent customer service, which includes:

  • Free shipping: We have free and tracked delivery of your product within Australia and worldwide. You can receive your home kit in Australia within 1-3 business days with our express delivery option.
  • Warranty: Our Universal Glows Microderm device comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Pay with Afterpay: You can start seeing results now from our microdermabrasion product when you use our secure interest-free pay later option. We will send out your home kit while you pay four equal instalments over the coming weeks.


Benefits of Our Hydrafacial Home Kit

There are numerous benefits to using our microdermabrasion kit at home, including:

  • Easy to use: Our product is easy to use and turn on via a power button with an automatic default set to soft. You can quickly switch between the four different modes by a separate button until you find your desired level. Our device makes it effortless to change the probe attachments before starting, and the filters are quick and simple to replace. You can clean and store away for your next use without hassle.
  • Suitable for every skin type: Whether you have sensitive, dry, oily, blemish-prone or another skin type, our device is compatible for every face. You can select from four modes and use the ideal suction power level that is best suited to your skin.
  • Customise your treatment with the different probe attachments: Our home kits come with four probe attachments, each with their own function so that you can tailor your microdermabrasion treatment. The microcrystalline probe helps to remove dead skin cells while the large circular attachment is designed to unclog pores and promote blood flow to the face for skin repair. Our smaller probe is ideal for targeting smaller areas with clogged pores, and the oval head can assist with promoting skin tightening.


Why is Universal Glows Cost-Effective?

You can enjoy the experience of microdermabrasion in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Our kit means you can save time not having to wait in heavy traffic on your way to a clinic. You will also save money as our microdermabrasion kit can be used repeatedly at home and removes the need for you to make ongoing appointments with a beauty therapist. We provide ten free filters with our kits; however, when the time comes, you can easily purchase more replacements and new probes with our competitive prices. Contact us today to order your Hydrafacial kit.