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Universal Glows Microdermabrasion Kit provides you with the most recent and advanced microdermabrasion facial treatments, all from the comfort of your home.

The Kit includes 4 probes and filters.View product

1. The microcrystalline probe is used to remove/ exfoliate dead skin. It is gentle on your skin and is used as a primary exfoliator. 

2. A large circular probe acts as a strong suction to unclog pores to remove blackheads, whiteheads and pimples as well as promoting blood flow to assist in skin repair.

3. The oval probe has a micro pulling effect which ultimately promotes skin elasticity by tightening and lifting skin and is used for fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Our oval probe may also remove any further grease or blackheads.

4. A small circular probe acts has a moderate suction feature aimed at smaller areas to further unclog pores, to assist remove blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. The small circular probe may also help reduce blemishes and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Let us be a part of your skincare routine - a leading Australian beauty brand that’s helped hundreds of thousands of Aussies improve their skin, dramatically!

1. Exfoliates

Our microcrystalline probe head is used to effectively exfoliate your outermost, top-layered dead skin cells, as well as further removing other congestion and impurities within your pores.

2. Restores

Suction allows for increased blood flow which leads to the natural process of healing, allowing for collagen to be produced, leaving your skin revamped and glowing.

3. Improves

After completing your microdermabrasion treatment, your skin will be able to retain your serums and moisturises by up to 80% effectively.


 You thought at-home facials are difficult? Impossible? well now think otherwise

How to use?

Don't take our word for it, See what our customers had to say! 💕

Universal Glows Customer Before & After photos

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"The before photo was taken 8 weeks ago, before i began using thi Universal Glows Microdermabrasion. Twice per week, and this is my skin, feeling more fresh, much brighter and glowing skin, acne heads were vacuumed out, i absolutely love mine!"

Ashley ~ Sydney, Australia

"My pores have gone so small, my blackheads/ whiteheads were removed instantly! The built in LED light makes my microdermabrasion treatments alot more exciting, you are able to see all the gunk and dirt that gets sucked out. Would recommend 110%"

Lorain ~ Sydney, Australia

Don't take our word for it, See what our customers had to say! 💕

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Australia Australia

Never going to a beauty salon again!

I have been getting micros at the salon for the past 5 years now and will not be going back! I am so happy with this product - it works just as well as the professional machines and I was very surprised at how powerful the suction was.

Ozcan A.
Australia Australia

This Microdermabrasion Kit

So today will be my 10 treatment over 5 weeks as the recommended is twice per week. I can tell you guys my skin has changed for the better & for how much I paid I don’t think I’ll actually ever go back to any beauty salon. The silver probe head makes my skin super soft and the circular head has removed all the whiteheads/ pimple and I’ve noticed fewer lines on my forehead and no more acne scars on my cheeks :) very Satisfied with my purchase I’ll email before and after results to you guys as soon as I can xx

Lea H.
Australia Australia


Product came in within a weeks time The package was just so beautiful I didn't even want to open it ! High quality tools for your face, defenetly recommend to any girl that needs a new tool for her skin care routine. No more spa/beauty shop visits needed !

Franchesca A.
Australia Australia

Fantastic Product

I could not be happier with this microdermabrasion handset, it has everything you need and more. I received fantastic customer service and fast delivery. Packaging was amazing, got this at a very good price when it was on sale.. my face has already showed me wrong, that microcrystalline probe head works amazing at how soft and smooth my skin feels, my face is radiant all round. Mum got a little jealous so she just bought one for herself. Thankyou again ☺️

Yumna K.
Australia Australia


It was delivered on time, quality of the product was nice. I had active acne and acne scars on my face I tried using it once a week and I feel difference in the appearance. There is definitely improvement my skin is smoother.

Chardonnay Z.
Australia Australia

Great Product

This micro kit has been great, have seen great results with my skin. I use a hydrating serum afterwards.

Ashley J.
Australia Australia


I absolutely love this handy little device, I haven't used it a much as I should so cant see much difference, but thats no fault of universal glows! Thats just because I forget to use it! I really need to up my skin care game lol! But Everytime I do use it I feel such a difference in my face! It's absolutely amazing! And i love the built in light too! Love love love!